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Alfa Elektro network in 3S network


Alfa Elektro is a leader among the distributors of electrical equipment for professionals (B2B). The company has over 90 storehouses in Poland and 2 central storehouses (in Chorzów and Lubicz near Toruń). Over 500 people work in this company.  Alfa Elektro has been operating on the market for 25 years and it belongs to the French Sonepar Group.

In 2011 it was decided that there is a need to introduce changes in the IT area of Alfa Elektro storehouses network. The aim of the change was the increase of data processing safety and improvement of IT networks and systems.  After the analysis of needs and costs, it was decided that the construction of their own server facility would not be economically profitable.  What is more, the adjustment of the existing infrastructure for the needs would require significant capital outlays and its proper management, additional competences.

Therefore a decision was made to start outsourcing cooperation – the resources of a server facility were to be transferred to an external data center, the needed computing power was to be rent (cloud computing), and network infrastructure to be replaced where necessary.

3S Group became the only provider for Alfa Elektro, as having all competences and own optical fibre network and data center located in Katowice. 
3S built for Alfa Elektro key optical fibre connections, including the ones to the central storehouse in Chorzów.  The existing server equipment was placed in  3S Data Center, and the company leased the needed resources from the operator with the service.






The key issue for  Alfa Elektro at the selection of a business partner was both the possibilities in the scope of data processing services provision (cloud computing), and network services on appropriately high level. Engineering competences and technical support, as offered in this field by the companies on the Polish market, were decisive. Therefore, we focused on searching for a partner that would be able to combine both parts and be wholly responsible for them. The cooperation with 3S, that has both the knowledge and the capacities in both those areas turned out to be a perfect solution for us” – Radosław Kamiński, IT Director