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3S Cloud2B / OPTI Cloud

3S Cloud2B and OPTI Cloud – computing clouds adjusted to your needs


Instead of building your own hardware infrastructure, try out the assets of 3S solution of computing clouds: 3S Cloud2B service – professional computing cloud available for business only.

Valuate the service

The use of cloud computing services will reduce your fixed IT costs and investment costs will be minimized to zero. It will allow for using your own IT resources at any time, from any localization in Poland and in the world.

According to McKinsey Global Institute, a research unit of McKinsey&Company (consulting company) and a list of technology published by this company, which changes life, business and global economy, the fourth place is taken by cloud computing. At 3S Data Center we propose solutions based on Private and Public Computing Clouds or their combination – Hybrid Cloud.

3S Cloud is a service of providing computing power and data storage space in a safe 3S Data Center, with annual SLA.

These are two families of cloud services offered by us:


Solution assets:


Products belonging to 3S Group cloud computing:


Extra services for 3S computing cloud:


Why a computing cloud from 3S?

If we need a glass of water, do we need to build a water pipeline? No – we open the tap and pour water directly from the tap to the glass. Without continuous investing of funds into the infrastructure and maintaining high quality support for its operation. Somebody took care of everything so that it is ready when we need it.

We all want IT to be like a tap with water...

Do IT services in such a model exist?

Yes, 3S while offering cloud computing services, took care of IT resources available at each time and depending on your current needs. It will allow for using your own IT resources at any time, from any localization in Poland and in the world. You settle in a subscription model; therefore you control your costs. You can flexibly and fast adjust computing power to the increasing and decreasing needs.

We ensure the access to computing power and space for storing your data.


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