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3S Storage / OPTI Storage

3S Storage safe data storage and archiving



Use 3S Storage – one of the most popular IT solution in optical fibre cloud:

Store, archive, make available and sleep at night thanks to migration of most important data to do 3S Data Center - a centre that guarantees its safe storage, giving at the same time a possibility of constant and flexible modification of used resources. Use the potential of 3S Data Center and optical fibre network in order to ensure stability of your business.

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3S Storage is a set of services like Storage as a Service, based on professional, safe and doubled disc matrices located at 3S Data CenterThank to 3S optical fibre network, your servers can use them exactly in the same manner as local resources. 3S provides infrastructure and assistance of qualified engineers in order to support creation of own, scalable and flexible IT environments on the basis of available components of 3S Group – modern data center, own optical fibre network and number of local and foreign connection points with other telecommunication operators.


The solution is available in two variants:

Basic assets of 3S Storage:


If you are looking for a professional and safe data processing centre for your IT devices - check the biggest in Silesia and one of the biggest in Poland 3S data center.
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