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3S Veeam Backup

3S Veeam Backup allows to create backup copies of virtual machines in safe external location, without the need to implement a separate, complex infrastructure and incurring related costs. Veeam® Cloud Connect function makes available an integrated, fast and safe method of creation and recovering backup copies from a cloud.

In order to use the service, one must have one of the Veeam packages, in minimal version:

Veeam Cloud Connect functionality is available without the need to pay additional fees or getting additional licences.

However, in order to initiate the service it is necessary to subscribe to 3S Veeam Backup service of a user of Veeam Cloud Provider software, making available a cloud repository of backup copies – this very service is made available by 3S Data Center.

You just need to select 3S Data Center as a service provider cooperating with Veeam and indicate a repository run by them to which the backup copies are to go — this is really easy! Safe transmission of backup copies in the form of encrypted data takes place via the internet, with the use of transfer optimisation, thanks to WAN acceleration.

Veeam prepared a webinar describing in detail the Veeam Cloud Connect function:

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