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3S eBackup

3S eBackup- professional service of file backup copies

Use 3S eBackup - an innovative solution from 3S

3S eBackup is a professional data backup service based on CrashPlan software created for the needs of the most demanding clients such as Adobe, Cisco or Google. The success of the software on the American market motivated the authors to expand into other markets, including Central and Eastern Europe. In Poland 3S Group combined the functionality of CrashPlan with the safety of own, the biggest in Silesia Province data center, and under the name of 3S eBackup they provide a unique service enabling archiving and safe storage of files.

The exceptional feature of 3S eBackup concerns a centralised system of service management. It allows free configuration of data backup on particular servers, working stations and mobile devices from one location. Thanks to it the administrator may have a total control over making backup copies among all users.

Basic assets of 3S eBackup: