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Storage and backup

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Availability of the disc space at 3S Data Center via iSCSI protocol
backup copies in the 3S network and 3S Data Center
3S Cloud
iSCSI initiator


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Availability of the disc space at 3S Data Center in accordance with Amazon S3l
backup copies and internet discs available via API Amazon S3 protocol
3S Cloud
client compliant with  Amazon S3


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Centrally managed backup of working stations files and servers with copies at  3S Data Center
backup copies of working stations and file servers available over the internet
3S Cloud
3S eBackup application


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Machines backup in 3S Data Center cloud
backups of virtual environments available over the internet
3S Cloud
Veeam Cloud Connect


3S Ctera Backup

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File and backup copies server with extended options of backup copies creation
NAS server+ backup copies of working stations, file servers, virtual environments
dedicated server
up to the capacity of hard discs used in the server
Ctera Agent application


Basic assets of Storage and Backup family


  • Support for many operational systems and virtual environments

Most popular solutions and technologies - from a simple storage to advanced methods of data protection in extended IT environments.

  • Data security in accordance with GIODO (Inspector General for Personal Data Protection) guidelines.

Backup copies are stored at 3S Data Center, and sensitive data - in special Personal Data Zone.

  • Perfect telecommunication

Thanks to 3S optical fibre network, the access to data archives is as quick as you want it. We offer access to your data via the internet or private data transmission.

    • Partnership with leading suppliers

Code42/CrashPlan, Veeam, Ctera.

      • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions

Projects in business consulting model allowing quick reconstruction of IT environments on 3S Data Center resources on the basis of dedicated servers and virtual environment.



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