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Personal Data Zone

3S Personal Data Zone is a specially separated module in the professional data center. This room was created in response to the needs of providing services of storing data with a high safety profile. The Personal Data Zone satisfies restrictive standards for storing sensitive data defined by GIODO.

Trust and involvement are the key values of 3S Group which we refer to particularly often while working for the most demanding Customers. Acting in accordance with these key values, we submitted our facility to the independent assessment and numerous certifying audits of companies and institutions, which confirmed the highest safety standards at 3S Data Center. We continuously take care of maintaining these standards and we decided on additional investments, taking into account the work with the most valuable data – sensitive data.

3S Personal Data Zone is a dedicated place for processing personal and sensitive data. We are particularly focused on medical facilities which in compliance with the applicable Regulation will be obliged to keep the entire documentation in the electronic version only.


Specification of 3S Personal Data Zone:

  • allocated technical room, separated physically from the remaining parts of 3S Data Center, ensuring higher confidentiality level of data and physical safety,
  • conformity with GIODO guidelines concerning the storage of sensitive data,
  • Standarder DOPK certificate – 3S Data Center is a certified participant of the Personal Data under Control (DOPK) Program, dedicated to entities which protect the data of their Customers in a particular manner and which satisfy the requirements of the Act on Personal Data Protection (view the certificate),
  • storing data only in specialised and monitored cabinets,
  • constant online monitoring of cabinets and key operational parameters of cabinets (e.g. voltage, temperature) with a possibility of retrieval on demand,
  • dedicated data transmission and guaranteed access to the Internet in 3S Data Center.