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3S Data Center maintains its status as a Veeam platinum partner in 2020!

3S Data Center maintains its status as a Veeam platinum partner in 2020!

3S Data Center, the owner of several modern data centers in Poland, as well as a provider of comprehensive cloud solutions for business, known on the market under the common brand Cloud2B, was the first in Poland to obtain the title of Platinum Service Provider. The status, which confirms the reputation of the market leader, both in terms of the quality of services provided and competence in Veeam’s customer service, also gives more opportunities in terms of technical support provided.

3S Data Center obtained the status of Platinum VCSP Partner in June 2018. In the same year 3S Data Center was recognized as the Most Active Partner of 2018 under the Veeam Cloud & Service Provider program.

Since then, the company has been maintaining its status as a Platinum VCSP Partner, providing its customers with Veeam solutions that ensure constant availability for the needs of enterprises operating on a non-stop basis (the so-called Availability for the Always on Enterprise).


Services offered by Cloud2B in partnership with Veeam include

  • Backup – service designed based on software provided by Veeam Software. It comes in the form of classic Backup as a Service (3S Backup) or cloud backup (3S Cloud Backup) using Veeam Cloud Connect Backup technology.
  • Disaster Recovery – service designed in many models, and two of the variants based on the functionality of Veeam Availability Suite (within Dedicated Private Cloud) or cloud using Veeam Cloud Connect Replication technology (3S Cloud Disaster Recovery)


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