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3S Group moves into the Tri-City

3S Group moves into the Tri-City

1st June this year. The 3S Group started its promotional activities in Tri-City. The aim of the campaign entitled: 3S Group moves into the Tri-City – meet your ICT neighbor! is to increase brand recognition and present Tri-City companies with telecommunication and data center solutions provided by 3S Group.

On a dedicated subpage 3s.pl/trojmiasto you can find basic information about infrastructure and services available in Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia, and in the following months also other cities of the Pomeranian region. Promotional activities are carried out in cooperation with the best known on-line site in Tri-City, trojmiasto.pl, where, in addition to promotional banners, there will be content presenting the “ICT neighbor” and encouraging to listen to a series of short podcasts.

The podcast recordings were made with the participation of Kamil Bugaj, the manager responsible for the development of 3S Group in Tri-City. Each of the podcasts has a different theme relating to the areas of ICT solutions that can be used by companies in Tri-City.
The next step in the campaign will be to organize an on-line meeting dedicated to companies from Tri-City with the participation of Kamil as a business advisor and selected engineer from 3S Group. The formula of the meeting will directly refer to the initiative: One hour with Engin33r.

The launch of the regional office in Gdansk is another activity, after Krakow, Warsaw and Wroclaw, which builds the nationwide reach of 3S Group.


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