Internships in 3S

Do you want to learn how to make good coffee? Or do you dream of becoming a specialist in printing and copying documents? Then, unfortunately, this will not work here. We have great coffee machines to help us make delicious coffee, and modern equipment and computer systems make it easier to keep records.

Or maybe during your internship you would prefer to take part in interesting initiatives, learn how complex systems function in a data centre, design a backbone network or participate in creating a promotional strategy for a multi-branch company?

And would you like to develop your skills under the guidance of the best specialists, who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with you? If you answered yes, then know that we are catching young talents. Maybe you can get caught in our net?

Internships can be held in the following departments:

  • Service Provision Department 
  • Network Maintenance and Development 
  • IT Department 
  • Software Development Department 
  • Data Center Operations Department 
  • Marketing and PR Department 
  • Accounting Department 

All departments are located in Katowice. 

Selection criteria for the candidate Each application is considered individually based on the student’s skills. We take into account a person’s predispositions and consult with the Head of Department. If the decision is positive, we invite the candidate to the internship. Together with the candidate, we set a convenient date and duration

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