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3S opens up to IT Integrators

3S opens up to IT Integrators

We are launching a cooperation program with IT Integrators. We are looking for companies with which we will implement comprehensive solutions for end customers in a partnership model. We introduce our own infrastructure to the projects (fiber optic network and a cluster of data centers), the competence of engineers and proprietary ICT solutions. We offer very favorable conditions for margin sharing in joint projects, and even a 50/50 split in the first joint implementation.

We have been cooperating with IT integrators for years. Most often we provide underlay services and other components, which are part of the solution offered by the Integrator to the end customer. Successful implementations, product portfolio expansion and geographical development have motivated us to prepare a repeatable model of cooperation that can be used in relations with IT companies throughout Poland.

Based on our experience to date, we have prepared a simple, attractive and flexible model of cooperation for Integrators. We complement the offer of Integrators with infrastructure elements, cloud computing, telecommunication solutions and security services. We focus on projects supporting digital business transformation and remote work. In addition, we offer cooperation in a convenient subscription model, which works especially well in uncertain times.

The integrator for a joint project decides whether 3S will act as a consortium member, a second contractor or a subcontractor. It is also the IT company that chooses the model of settling the commission for the project (one-off or subscription). Each new Integrator Partner can count on individual care of a dedicated advisor and support at the presales stage.

We offer the Integrator the potential of our infrastructure (4250 km of fiber optic network, 4800 m2 of space in 6 geographically dispersed data centers) and the competence of our sales and technical sales support services. Additionally, thanks to cooperation with 3S, IT companies can expand their portfolio of services by adding cloud computing solutions for business (Cloud2B), IT security (Security), IP telephony, tele- and videoconferencing (TeleCloud) and network services (TelcoNet).

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