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3S S.A. merges with 3S Fibertech Sp. z o.o.

3S S.A. merges with 3S Fibertech Sp. z o.o.

On January 2, 2020, the companies 3S S.A. based in Katowice and 3S Fibertech Sp. z o.o. based in Cracow merged. The change was made by transferring all assets of the acquired company to the acquiring company (merger by acquisition) through 3S S.A. taking over its sole proprietorship, i.e. 3S Fibertech Sp. z o.o.

The merger of the companies is associated with the adoption of an action strategy consisting in the consolidation of subsidiaries in the 3S Group in order to make business processes more coherent, optimize the management model and create a strong base for further geographical development.

Pursuant to the disposition of art. 494 § 1 of the Commercial Companies Code (Journal of Laws 2000 No. 94, item 1037 as amended), 3S S.A. entered into all rights and obligations of 3S Fibertech Sp. z o.o. as of the merger date, becoming a party to all legal relations to which 3S Fibertech Sp. z o.o. was a party so far. Thus, it should be considered that the agreements concluded so far are valid and do not require any change in the scope of company data.

Starting from January 2, 2020, all documents, invoices, bills and statements should contain the following new data:

3S Spółka Akcyjna
ul. Ligocka 103 budynek 8, 40-568 Katowice
Sąd Rejonowy w Katowicach, Katowice-Wschód, VIII Wydział Gospodarczy
KRS: 0000095232, NIP: 9691297176, REGON: 277704261

The current bank account number to which payments resulting from the liabilities incurred towards the acquired company should be made is

ING BANK ŚLĄSKI S.A. 52 1050 1298 1000 0023 4816 7442 (nr rachunku bankowego 3S S.A.).


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