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Telko Trendy

Telko Trendy Report – how Polish companies use telecommunication and data center services

We publish the results of TELKO Trendy tests conducted on the sample of 250 medium-sized and large enterprises with their headquarters in Katowice, Cracow, Rzeszów, Wrocław and Warsaw. These results depict using telecommunication and data center services in Polish companies.

TELKO Trendy 2015 demonstrates varied attitudes of companies to investments, their level of satisfaction with currently applied solutions, factors supporting their choices and plans for using telco services in the forthcoming year.

What we can learn from the report:
  • what telecommunication services are used by Polish enterprises and what are their expenses within this area,
  • what is the level of the enterprises' satisfaction with telecommunication services,
  • is IT services outsourcing a popular solution,
  • do companies eagerly invest into their own servers,
  • how popular is cloud computing service,
  • are back-up copies made in Polish companies,
  • what factors support the choice of specific solutions,
  • what has changed within the field of using telco and IT services compared to the previous year.

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