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Data center

We are the operator of 3S Data Center - data center cluster, which, on the basis of its own infrastructure makes state of the art ICT and services. We provide collocation services (cabinets and servers) as well as cloud computing at the highest level: with full data protection, including personal and sensitive data (in a specially assigned Personal Data Zone), safe transmission and predictable costs. We considered that building our own date center and provision of collocation services is for us a natural development direction in our business.

3S Data Center Cluster means:

Why is it worth it?

Data center outsourcing is a growing trend: many companies noticed the benefits coming from such a solution. Collocation of servers, or cabinets, and even renting a dedicated area or infrastructure allows to decrease of own investment costs but also to adjust it exactly to the needs, selecting virtual servers or dedicated servers directed only to one recipient as well as to minimise the risks on many levels. Get to know the assets of 3S Data Center - the biggest in the region and one of the most modern in Poland data centers.