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Actions implemented in the 3S Group in relation to the epidemiological threat and COVID-19 disease

Actions implemented in the 3S Group in relation to

Ensuring continuity of access to data is a cornerstone of our business, therefore, appreciating the seriousness of the situation and possible scenarios for the development of the COVID-19 epidemic and disease, we inform about the actions that have been implemented today throughout the 3S Group.

  • we have reduced business trips to a minimum
  • we resigned from participation in trainings and external meetings
  • a significant proportion of 3S employees started working in the home office model
  • we separated the personnel of Katowice Ligocka and Katowice Gospodarcza (DC) locations
  • we have developed scenarios for remote resource management in a quarantine situation etc.
  • the crisis management team under the direct authority of the CEO is working and analyzing the situation on an ongoing basis.

At the moment we are working in a state of increased readiness and we react to potential threats in advance. However, we feel that the situation is exceptional, both for us and for our clients.

Therefore, for those of you who already use our services, we offer assistance in the form of advice and/or dedicated solutions to facilitate remote work. We are ready to prepare them urgently and outside standard procedures.

For details, please contact your sales representatives.

Piotr Pawłowski


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