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5 May 2016

3S is an investor in Fibertech Networks

3S S.A. acquired 76% of shares in Krakow Fibertech Networks Sp. z o.o. Fibertech is an independent operator, having its own optical fibre network and a few thousand business clients data base. Eventually, the company shall change its name into  3S Fibertech Sp. z o.o. The transaction was finalised at the end of April. The value of the contract is a trade secret. 

Fibertech Networks Sp. z o.o. Provides telecommunication services for over 400 business entities and institutions from Krakow. It has 370 km of their own optical fibre network in the city. The revenues of the company for the year 2015 amounted to about PLN 5.5 million. Fibertech has been operating on the Krakow market since  2009 and employs 20 people. 
3S S.A. buys 76% shares of the operator, leaving 24% in the hands of the company’s founders who shall still work in the management board. 

From the beginning of the year 3S Group grew by 2 new companies. First of them is 3S BOX S.A., whose task is to develop a data center in Warsaw. Whereas, due to the transaction with  Fibertech Networks, the Group strengthens its position in Krakow. The total number of business clients served by the companies of the Group shall be increased by two thousand.  

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23 August 2016

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3S Data Center obtained a status of VMware Enterprise Service Provider

29 June 2016

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