Direct Routing

What is Direct Routing?

MS Teams is an extensive platform, mainly for internal communication. Despite some similarities with the Skype platform, Microsoft has redeveloped the way and possibilities of communication – also as a fully developed business telephony system (PBX). The Direct Routing service links the MS Teams platform with the traditional PSTN network.

There are basically two ways of doing this:

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By using the Microsoft Calling Plan, the plans created and operated in the cloud by Microsoft primarily turn Teams into an easy-to-use hosted PBX, which is closely integrated with the rest of the Teams service functions. Number portability can also be confusing and time consuming if we do not have a dedicated person to assist us in this process.

Thise service is only available in selected countries.

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Using Direct Routing
Direct Routing allows you to connect Teams with many classic and mobile phone providers such as 3S and Play. This means you can benefit from low call rates, greater flexibility and better support.

Direct Routing is seen as extremely attractive by many companies because it gives them the flexibility to choose their own telephone provider, moreover, this solution ensures full integration of classic telephony with the Teams platform.

Teams Users

This may be obvious, but any company that uses Microsoft Teams for internal communication can more easily use the platform also for external communication. This also means less need for a separate telephone exchange (and all related costs) and better integration between systems.

Limited internal knowledge

Any company with a smaller IT team (or if it does not exist at all) may need external support when considering using Teams as a PBX. Experienced providers (such as 3S) can step by step manage your account and basically install Direct Routing for you.

The desire for more flexibility than Microsoft connections

Using Direct Routing, especially for any company that makes a reasonable number of outgoing calls (and even more so if they are international), becomes an obvious choice.

Real unified communication

The idea of using Teams as a virtual headquarters is a huge step forward for companies that like the idea of Unified Communications – combining all internal and external communication into one closely related system.

Choosing your own supplier

Direct Routing means integration with a third party, which can also be a positive aspect. Choosing the right supplier like 3S can allow you to focus on your own business. The provider takes care of service quality, configuration and engineering expertise.

Number portability

Switching to Teams as a telephone exchange does not mean losing old numbers. Existing numbers are retained alongside new direct numbers.

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