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Evolution of the 3S logo [Video]

Evolution of the 3S logo [Video]

Since September 2019 a new owner of 3S Group companies is P4PLAY network operator, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Poland. In this way we have gained a Partner whose scale, capital base and brand give us great potential for further development.

3S and 3S Data Center operate as separate entities within PLAY Group, which does not change the fact that we are constantly looking for new synergies and fields for cooperation. We join forces in sales projects, build fiber optic network in new locations, expand our competence in the field of cloud and data center solutions, finalize the project of our own Security Operation Center. And in the area of marketing – we complement the 3S logo with the PLAY visual identity component.

This is not the first change of this kind in our history. And since we happen to celebrate our eighteenth anniversary in 2020, we have prepared a short animation showing how our company has matured and how our visual identity has changed.


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