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What is a DDOS attack?

A DDoS attack, otherwise known as a volumetric attack, is a difficult to predict action aimed at blocking a website or blocking the whole company, or it may be one of many actions taken in order to disrupt work. Even though we are not able to predict DDoS attacks, we can effectively protect ourselves against them.
Such protection should be provided mainly to companies with Internet services – blocking access to such a service usually causes big financial losses and loss of company’s reputation.

Advanced tools protecting against DDoS attacks offered by the operators often allow to separate false traffic from the real one, which is necessary for normal company operation. With such a solution, the company can operate without any obstacles, even during an ongoing DDoS attack. Additional support is offered by a team of engineers who watch over the proper functioning of backbone and client networks.

How to protect yourself against DDOS attacks?

DDoS protection system

Our DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Protection service guards your organization from volumetric attacks and provides customers and internal users with uninterrupted access to shared resources such as websites, applications, databases and network devices.

DDoS protection uses a cluster of enterprise-class servers, dedicated to detecting and filtering volumetric attacks, and protects all of the client’s broadcast addresses.

The service analyzes network traffic, monitors the level of link usage and performs detection of network anomalies. The collected information allows to detect, identify incidents and respond to them appropriately.

The operation of our DDoS protection can be triggered in 2 ways:

  • Automitigation

detected high-risk events automatically trigger appropriate actions to redirect network traffic to the filtering system. Correct network traffic is maintained and e-mail notifications are sent to authorized persons.

  • On-demand mitigation

If artificial, unwanted network traffic is detected, an email notification is sent to authorized persons. Activation of the network traffic mitigation takes place on demand, indirectly through notification by authorized persons working at 3S services or directly through the service administration panel.

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