IT security audit

Comprehensive assessment of the security of the organization’s IT systems and data through checking the applied security measures, procedures and policies.

The purpose of the audit is to analyze the level of IT security, review IT security procedures and catalogue network resources. This allows to identify gaps in the systems, detect potential threats and prepare an action plan in case of a crisis situation.

IT security audits are used to determine the exact state of security of a network infrastructure or servers, the indicated IT system and determining compliance with the company’s IT security policies and procedures for ICT resources. The scope of the audit may include a fragment of the infrastructure with the possibility of extending it by a larger area or it may be focused on a selected element after finding irregularities in the state of IT security. IT security audits are performed by specialized teams of engineers acting as separate units or being a part of Security Operations Center (SOC) team responsible for ensuring continuous monitoring of ICT security. The result of an IT security audit is a detailed report presenting the examined area together with the detected irregularities and their severity, significance.

Information systems and networks require constant monitoring and should be subject to periodic IT security checks. Technological capabilities are constantly changing, and with them ways to break through security systems. Such audits are used to analyze and assess how the IT systems are secured and whether the protection is serving its function.

To meet the needs of our clients, we have created our own service where we combine reliable technology of a leading provider of IT security testing platforms and our own competence, thanks to which we can offer a comprehensive offering of IT security audits and analysis of detected vulnerabilities to the monitored IT system.

The audit is enriched with a vulnerability scan performed using the Tenable Nessus platform. The platform, thanks to its rich and constantly updated library and the support of experts from the research center, ensures the highest efficiency of operation on the market, while being a yardstick for speed and precision in vulnerability scanning. The chosen solution is scalable and works effectively in smaller organizations as well as in large corporations.


It reduces the number of potential attacks and prevents risks by identifying vulnerabilities.


It provides reliable and objective information on the current state of security of the examined IT environment thanks to the richest vulnerability base.


Audit and vulnerability report crated by the highly skilled 3S Group engineering staff.


A complete solution that provides a ready-made set of recommendations for the elimination of the hazards. One-time or cyclical service.

Stages of IT security audit:

Etapy przeprowadzenia audytu bezpieczeństwa IT:

The audit includes:

  • Verification of provided documentation, network diagrams and evaluation of existing IT security policies and procedures,
  • description of the performed activities together with recommendations for improving IT system security,
  • vulnerability scan reports together with a risk assessment for the threats found and specific recommendations for their elimination or minimization.

The extended version of the audit includes additionally:

  • a meeting with the client after the audit,
  • a detailed explanation of the activities performed and recommendations for the problems,
  • evaluation and implementation of post-audit recommendations – in the form of 3S Data Center services.

The audit does NOT INCLUDE:

  • penetration tests of operating systems,
  • web application penetration tests,
  • checking the legality of the software,
  • socio-technical attacks,
  • attacks to check physical access to the company and sensitive areas.
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