Safe Internet

3S Safe Internet is an Internet access service combined with additional safety measures to minimize online threats. As a part of the service, we install an additional UTM(Unified Threat Management) device which helps to protect the local network against the most common threats.

The main benefits of our 3S Safe Internet are as follows:

  • service managed by 3S engineers, 
  • additional redundant Internet access.
  • Content filtering – employees have access only to the specified websites,
  • spam filtering – blocking unsolicited email messages,
  • antivirus protection – increased protection against virus infection when browsing websites or opening malicious attachments,
  • firewall – protection of the LAN from external attacks,
  • VPN – safe access to the company network from any computer in the world,
  • And all benefits of the 3S Internet service:
    • Broadband access – access to the Internet with any bandwidth you want – from 2Mbps to 1Gbps
    • Symmetrical connection – the bandwidth is the same in both directions, equivalent to the order Internet speed
    • Turbo mode– possibility to increase the bandwidth during the contract period (even within 1 hour from the request)
    • Stable connection parameters – constant bandwidth, regardless of the current atmospheric conditions
    • Network supervision 24/7 – high availability and possibility to contact the Service Monitoring Center directly
    • 99.5% SLA – high availability is guaranteed
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