Managed Network

Services designed to relieve the IT department from the day-to-day management of the network and to allow local IT resources to be focused on the organisation’s core projects 

They are implemented at the hardware or application level and include 

  • managed router,  
  • managed switch,  
  • managed access point,  
  • managed firewall [NGFW, UTM],  
  • the administration of the network within the scope agreed with the organisation.  

Each service includes 

  • equipment rental,  
  • configuration and day-to-day management and monitoring of activities performed by 3S engineers.  

The responsibility for the equipment lies with 3S and the service is provided within the guarantee and support period.  

The devices are available in the subscription model with access services to the Internet, data transmission, WAN and E-LAN, 3S Data Center projects or IP/ISDN telephone services.  

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