3S Virtual Exchange Service

The virtual exchange service is an optimal solution for companies and institutions that face the need to replace or expand their existing telephone infrastructure. Without the need to invest in complex and often dedicated telecommunications infrastructure, you get similar functionality, for which your operator is responsible.

Replacing the traditional head office with the service of the virtual head office of the 3S Group,the company receives comparable functionality without the need to incur costs of purchasing new equipment. 

  • the use of a uniform numbering for the whole system, regardless of the number of physical locations,
  • the use of short numbering, as an alternative to public numbering,
  • the possibility of including small branches without the need to invest in subscriber centres,
  • initiating, answering and switching calls,
  • call waiting and picking up incoming calls to another phone,
  • the possibility of logging in the cameras from any place,
  • the possibility of configuring call privileges for individual phones.

Additional services to the virtual headquarters:  

  • the opportunity to build the IVR thanks to the 3S Welcome,
  • possibility of queuing incoming calls – 3SIVR Queue,
  • possibility of viewing the list and connection costs through the 3S Client Panel,
  • the possibility of recording conversations and their recording on the local disc via the web interface -3S Recorder,
  • fax handling. Advanced 3S Fax System service and simple 3S Fax to e-mail redirection.

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